Guiding Your Cannabis Journey Through Genetics.



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Harnessing the latest in genetic research, our home test kit takes the guesswork out of consuming cannabis, serving as a personalized guide for use. Your results include invaluable information such as:

Dare to be different and start your cannabis journey with CannaGx™ today!

  • Your Reaction to Cannabis
  • Optimal Products for You
  • Best Methods of Consumption
  • Side Effects Specific to You
  • Drug Interactions to Cannabis

Customer Reviews

Stacey England

April 18, 2019

MelixGX has given me the information to learn about ME. How I metabolize Cannabis products. And what CBD to THC ratios to look for."
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Cannabis Is More Than a Recreational Activity.
Cannabis Can Help You Manage Your Physical and Psychological Health.

Pain Management

When following your personal DNA blueprint, cannabis can serve as an effective, safe, and precise method of pain control.

Stress Relief

By way of genetic markers, our platform assists patients in identifying personal stressors and possible cannabis-derived treatments available.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders can be treated without synthetic medications by utilizing specific cannabinoid ratios or products during certain times of the day.

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