Guiding Your Cannabis Journey Through Genetics.

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CannaGx® DNA Test kit

Decades of research, packed into a little box, and shipped right to your door.

Merging Genetic Technology With Cannabis Research.
Improving Lives In Unprecedented Ways.

Solution Oriented

Unlike any other tests currently available on the market, our CannaGx™ DNA test provides a comprehensive front to back solution for the treatment of medical conditions through the use of cannabis and cannabis-derived products.


The CannaGX™ DNA test analyzes genes that serve as predictors for a wide range of conditions, identifying how cannabis may, or may not, be helpful in treating conditions such as anxiety, pain, insomnia, and drug dependence.

Evidence Based

MelixGx™ and our partner labs use methods founded on well-established practices backed by extensive scientific research to achieve the highest degree of accuracy in our tests and test reports.


Reports are tailored to clarify how genes influence your body’s metabolism of cannabis, serving as a personal guide to help you minimize adverse affects as you navigate through the expansive field of cannabis products.

Our Medical Experts

Dr. David Casarett

Dir. Clinical Research

  • Duke MD
  • Palliative Care Chief
  • Cannabis Treatment Expert

Dr. Charles Sailey

Genetic Research Partner

  • Molecular Testing Labs
  • CannaGX Pioneer
  • Leader in Genetics

Our Leadership Team

Morgan Pepitone


  • Seasoned Founder
  • 20+ years experience
  • Reg/Compliance Expert

Anthony Pellegrino


  • Brand Specialist
  • 18+ Years Experience
  • Digital Media Specialist

Stu Campbell


  • Extreme Sports Pro
  • Action Sports Co-Branding
  • Pain Management Advocate

Jared Mirsky

Chief Brand Officer/CBO

  • Wick & Mortar, Founder /CEO
  • Cannabis Branding & Marketing Expert
  • Award-Winning, Published, Global Speaker