We founded this company with a purposeful goal in mind, and we take our slogan “It starts with Melix™” very seriously.

Knowledge is the power to work smarter, not harder; this is a key factor in the process of achieving optimal results in any endeavor of life. Here at MelixGX™, our mission is based on giving you the knowledge of your genomic DNA, knowledge which is relevant to the highest level of success in health, fitness, and overall well-being.

MelixGX™ was initially intended to focus on the fitness aspect of health and the countless number of contributing factors. These factors include the necessities muscle type, metabolism level, nutritional requirements, and many other metrics unique to every individual's body type that enable he or she to achieve their goals. Our product MelixFit™ product tells you all of this genetic information and more which is contained within your genes and relevant to your fitness health and success.

Following this extensive research, we discovered the most common battles millions of Americans face each day. This renewed insight inspired us to explore the many benefits of Cannabis. The perfect strain for an individual’s unique DNA has inimitable capabilities that include, but are certainly not limited to, aiding in physical recovery, effectively and efficiently battling chronic pain, anxiety, depression, addiction, insomnia, and so many more natural health benefits. MelixMJ™ can give you all of these insights and more, on your personal best use of cannabis and how it affects your unique body.

Through sophisticated advances in technology, our knowledgeable and skilled geneticist decodes your DNA to provide you with the most analytical breakdown possible of your genes and what they mean to your life experiences and fitness success.

To decode the answers held in your DNA, it starts with MelixGX™.