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Discover the links between your
genes and your health with Best Genetic Testing Kit

$249.99 $299.99

Metabolic Health

Learn how you your genes affect the way your body processes common drugs, vitamins, and more.

Meets FDA Requirements

Athletic Performance

Discover your dominant muscle type, your aerobic potential, and much more.

Dietary Health

See how your genes determine the way your body processes food.

Overall Health

Learn how your body handles inflammation, lipid metabolism, and good cholesterol vs. bad cholesterol.

Genetic Dietary Health Report
Dietary Health*

7 Reports

Digestion and energy processing is controlled by hundreds of interacting genes. These reports will highlight what your genes can tell us about your optimal dietary wellness planning.

    Includes reports concerning:*
  • Dietary Carbohydrates
  • Dietary Fats
  • Body Weight
  • Weight Regain After Dieting
  • Impulsive Eating
  • Bitter Taste
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 Metabolic Health
Metabolic Health

9 Reports

Metabolization is how well our body breaks down the substances which we ingest. Increases or decreases in how quickly we break down various compounds alters the way those compounds affect our health. Knowing how your metabolism works can help you make informed decisions about what you consume, and how much.

    Reports include
  • Caffeine
  • Lactose
  • Alcohol
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B9
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Fitness Health

Fitness Health and Athletic Performance - DNA Fitness Testing

5 reports

Exercise is key for strengthening muscles, improving overall health, and staying fit, but key genes affect the benefit we derive from different kinds of physical output. Genes also control recovery and risk of injury. Cater your training routine to your unique genetic profile in order to get the most out of every rep.

    Includes reports concerning:
  • Muscle performance
  • Fat loss efficiency with exercise
  • Aerobic potential
  • Injury
  • Recovery
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Frequently asked questions.

Will this test help if I’m just beginning to work out or diet?

Yes. This test will outline how your metabolism works, what kind of muscle cells you have, how much oxygen your body can process, and what kinds of exercises are best for your body type.

What can i do with my results when i’ve received them?

These results can be read and interpreted by you, but sharing them with a general practitioner, a personal trainer, or a nutritionist can certainly help you gain even more insights thanks to their expertise and background knowledge. In addition, you can schedule a consultation with one of our genomic experts to help dissect your results.

Will this test help me maximize potential if I’m already working out and dieting?

If you already have an exercise and fitness routine, then you’re on the right track! This test will help you get even more out of your workouts and truly take your health and fitness to the next level by guiding your decision making in everything from planning your workouts to meal-prepping.

How do I view my results?

MelixGX will send you an email when your results are ready for you to review. The results are in PDF format, so you can view them on our site, download them to all your devices, and print them out.

Does my insurance cover these tests?

At the present time, insurance plans do not cover prophylactic or elective genetic testing.

20,000 Genes. 23 Chromosomes. 1 Unique You.
Fitness and Nutrition DNA Test $249.99 $299.99
Fitness and Nutrition DNA Test

Learn how your genomic DNA affects diet metabolism, performance, and more.

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