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Tried Everything And Yet Not Able To Reach Your Weight Loss Goal? It’s Time To Know Your DNA

Tried Everything And Yet Not Able To Reach Your Weight Loss Goal? It’s Time To Know Your DNA

We all have heard the phrase, ‘It’s in his/her genes!’, right? We have been connecting genes with the core of the people’s personality ever since we have known what genes are; even though we didn’t know the significance of it back then.

These genes are made up of DNA, the actual molecule responsible for all our hereditary traits. DNA has a double helix structure which seems like a twisted ladder and is made with the sequence of four bases (A, T, C, and G). This sequence which is the basic DNA structure carries genetic information.

Each little detail of your existence can be reasoned with the help of your DNA including why you’re unable to get rid of that fat in spite of trying everything. Or rather why you aren’t feeling as healthy as you should in spite of losing the fat!

The smallest of the details can now be accessed which was possible only theoretically before the completion of the Human Genome ProjectHowever, most of you must be unaware of how DNA tests could ease everything out!

So today, we are going to share details of 3 such DNA tests which could help you figure out a better approach to your weight loss journey!

Metabolic Health DNA Test

If you are researching about DNA tests on the Internet, I’m sure there’s no need to make you aware of how metabolism plays a key role in the weight loss journey. Metabolism is the process of breaking down the food we eat and the health of this process determines how any food is accepted by our body.

For instance, how will your body metabolize caffeine, or is there any risk of lactose intolerance in future, or which vitamins is your body deficit of, or which mineral is in excess in your body, etc. can be figured out with this personal DNA test.

The reports of metabolic health DNA test at Melix proffer detailed analysis of 9 items including 6 crucial vitamins. The probability of developing allergies, deficiency, metabolic rejection, etc. can be explained via this DNA test which ultimately could help you develop an apt diet that enforces weight loss.

DNA Fitness And Athletic Performance Test

Suppose that you are a friend of yours weigh 160 pounds, you go to the same nutritionist and follow the same diet, and have a similar gym routine. Even so, it is possible that you might not be able to lose as much as your friend does


Because along with different metabolic rates, you also have a different muscle performance. The rate at which your fat reacts to a particular exercise depends on the genes you carry.

The DNA analysis kit for fitness and athletic performance look for all these aspects along with the genetic coding for injury, its recovery, and your aerobic potential. This kit of 5 reports will also include the analysis of your muscle performance.

When you know how your genes may direct your athletic performance, it would be a lot easier to lose weight with an apt workout routine inclined towards a definitive weight loss plan.

Dietary Health DNA Test

You eat half the portion of what your buddy eats and yet have a broader waistline, quite annoying, right? You can blame your genes for this as it’s the DNA which decides the response to all the dietary supplements.

Dietary Health DNA Test can offer you precise information on how your DNA could be responsible for the intolerance for carbs, or your response to the fats. This test proffers in-depth perception of whether your body is susceptible to obesity, whether dieting will work for you, or how likely are you to quit any kind of dieting.

From the seemingly simple things as food analysis to your hunger dissection, impulsive eating, taste tolerance, weight rebound, and much more can be known with this DNA test. And you can only imagine how this information can transform your weight loss approach!

In all, don’t panic if your weight loss plan is not falling out as you anticipated, instead, dig it deeper for the WHYs with these three DNA tests!