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Genome Sequencing- Know The Scientific Approach Of DNA Analysis

Genome Sequencing- Know The Scientific Approach Of DNA Analysis

Most of us had actually seen the evidence of DNA analysis only in some hot shot TV series or movies until a few years ago. However, now the scenario is completely different as the completion of Human Genome Project introduced us to the automated genetic sequencing techniques which enabled execution of DNA genetic testing for ethnicity, fitness DNA tests, whole genome DNA test, and many more in a much simpler way.

What Is Genome Sequencing?

Our DNA consists of nucleotides, also known as bases, namely A (Adenine), C (Cytosine), T (Thymine), and G (Guanine). The human genome is made of more than 3 billion such nucleotides which are in a random order that seems gibberish to the naked eye.

This is how a DNA sequence which is translated from the chemical alphabets to our alphabets look like:

DNA Test

Now, this is just a small string of what a DNA carries. Originally, this sequence would be so long that it might almost seem like an image made to hypnotize you.

Let’s make a simple analogy. The string of the bases will be like a language which has no constraints of letters, alphabets, grammar, or semantics. Of course, there will be information hidden somewhere in the string but until the genome is sequenced for a specific purpose, it will be impossible for us to understand what lies in the genes.

For instance, take the following passage which is written in English but because it doesn’t follow any rule of the English language, it will not be possible for you to interpret the hidden message in first line.

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But when you read the second line, you’ll know that it reads ‘It was raining cats and dogs. I forgot to carry an umbrella.’ In spite of your proficiency in this language, it was impossible to extract the hidden message, right?

This is precisely what happens with a genome. It doesn’t make any sense until the genome is sequenced. So, sequencing the genomes is the first step towards understanding the DNA. It proffers a simpler way of studying the genes for scientists. However, the process doesn’t end here. The scientists need to map the sequence using their proficiency of understanding the bases.

Even though it is just a part of the process of DNA analysis, everything would have been impossible if the scientists had not figured out an automated approach to sequence the DNA.

In all, genome sequencing is a technique to extract the sequence of the nucleotides in a DNA for further analysis. Recently, the cannabis Sativa genome sequencing was made publically available for different strains which proves that the era of DNA analysis is here to stay. With the help of the genome sequencing technology, we proffer the most inaccessible genetic information about you! All you have to do is use our best DNA analysis kit!