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Learn how your body responds to
cannabis with the help of MelixMJ

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Your reaction to cannabis

Discover precisely how your body processes cannabis and its main ingredients, cannabinoids

How to self-administer cannabis

Discover the best cannabis usage habits to form, based on your unique DNA

 Potential side-effects from cannabis

Potential side-effects

Any bioactive substance has effects in the body. Side effects are those which are not intended by use of the product, but which still occur and must be managed.

How to choose cannabis products

How to choose cannabis products

Discover how the different characteristics of cannabis products - like flowers or edibles - will interact with your genome, and how you can make the most of your genes.

Ancestry Report

How to choose cannabis products

Cannabis is one of the most intraspecially diverse organisms on Earth. There is more genetic divergence within the cannabis genus than between Humans and Bonobo monkeys. All of this diversity underscores the importance of choosing cannabis products that are right for your unique DNA.

    Includes reports concerning:*
  • Overview of flowers
  • Overview of Concentrates
  • Overview of Edibles
  • Included guidance about cannabinoid ratios in each of the above
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cannabis side effects

Potential cannabis side effects

Side effects are a serious risk factor when considering different drugs and medications. Cannabis is no different. Knowing about your genetic predisposition to certain side effects can help you avoid adverse experiences using cannabis.

    Includes reports concerning:
  • Side effects of different product types
  • Side effects of various cannabinoid ratios
  • Standard dosing info
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Cannabis Interaction
Potential cannabis drug interactions

Many substances interact with one another in the internal environment of the human body. These interactions are largely dependent on the genes controlling our metabolization of those individuals substances. Knowing how you metabolize compounds that may interact with cannabis can help you avoid dangerous interactions and adverse effects.

    Reports include
  • Interactions between cannabis and herbal supplements
  • Interactions between cannabis and pharmaceutical medications
  • Overview of different classes of pharmaceuticals
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Frequently asked questions. .

Will this test help if I’m an everyday cannabis user?

Yes, based on your results, certain products may be better tolerated or more effective for certain conditions.

I’m thinking about using cannabis for the first time, how will this test benefit me?

This test will act as a guide and help first time users through their genetic make up choose the right product and dosages for their specific needs.

Cannabis is all the same, why do you insist on a specific strain?

Not all cannabis is made equal. With different strains coming out all the time, your body and reactions might not be the same as the next person. Example: One's body type might metabolize THC different than yours, and you become paranoid and they do not.

What are the benefits to this test?

This test helps you manage anxiety if you are at high risk of developing paranoia with cannabis. It can help identify the possible benefits of switching from pain medications to cannabis. It Reveals how cannabis can be used if you are at high risk for addiction. It also assesses your risk for certain sleep disorders and how to best use cannabis for a more restful sleep and recognizes cannabis interactions with medications and herbal supplements.

20,000 Genes. 23 Chromosomes. 1 Unique You.
 Cannabis DNA Test $249.99 $299.99
Cannabis DNA Test

Learn how your body responds to cannabis, and what that means for your health.

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